Arrow’s Tree Climbing Adventure

Arrow was outside on his leash and harness. He was enjoying the bright and warm sunshine. It was a beautiful summer day.

“Arrow,” said Mommy. “Let’s go for a walk.”

When a person walks a dog, the dog usually walks beside its owner. Walking a cat is so much different. A cat usually walks in front of its owner, goes wherever it wants to and whenever it wants to. The other thing about trying to walk a cat is that when a cat sees something it wants to chase, it will chase it. This is also true when a cat decides to climb something, they just go ahead and climb it. Cats don’t think of the consequences of what they do, they just do it.

Mommy was very patient while walking Arrow. When he wanted to stop, she would wait for him. When he wanted to lay down, she would pat him on the head until he was ready to go again.

Mommy had no patience however, when Arrow decided he wanted to climb a tree.

“Arrow,” said Mommy, while he was glued to the trunk of a tree with his claws. “Why do you insist on climbing a tree?”

Mommy went over to him and picked him off the tree. He just sat on the ground for a few seconds and then he tried to climb the tree again.

“I can’t believe you did it again,” said Mommy, peeling him off the tree trunk again. “You are the silliest cat I have ever seen.”

Mommy set Arrow on the ground again, but this time far away from any tree.

“There,” said Mommy. “Now try to climb a tree.”

Arrow looked defeated. He knew Mommy wasn’t going to let him anywhere near another tree for the duration of this walk. He decided he would be a good boy and enjoy the rest of the walk with Mommy.

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