Missy Big Words – Malfunction

Missy Big Words was outside playing with her friend, Suzie. She saw that her dad was working on their neighbours car in their garage. Missy Big Words went over to the garage to see her dad.

“This engine is toast,” she heard her dad say to their neighbour. “It has a serious malfunction.”

“Malfunction is a pretty big word,” said Missy Big Words.

“It certainly is,” said Dad.

“What does malfunction mean?” asked Suzie, who followed Missy Big Words into the garage.

“Malfunction means that some equipment or machinery is not working properly,” said Missy Big Words.

“So does that mean your neighbours car is not working properly?” asked Suzie.

“Yes,” said the neighbour. “Unfortunately, that is correct.”

“You will be able to fix it though,” said Missy Big Words. “Right Dad?”

“That is right,” said Dad, ruffling Missy Big Words’ hair.

Missy Big Words and Suzie sat down and watched as dad worked on the car.

Dad reached over and got the air compressor plugged in. He used one of his sockets to loosen a bolt on the underside of the engine. All of a sudden the air compressor stopped working.

“I think your air compressor malfunctioned,” said Missy Big Words.

“Yes,” said Dad. “It certainly did. You sure seem to know the meaning of malfunction. That is a pretty big word.”

“No word is too big for me,” said Missy Big Words, laughing.

“It sure seems that way,” said Dad, laughing as well.


Moral of this Story:

  • Dad was surprised to learn that Missy Big Words knew what the word malfunction meant.
  • Example: Missy Big Words told her dad that his air compressor malfunctioned when it quit working.

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