Hug a Bug

I’m the Environment Bug. I’m not your ordinary every day little creature that is a pest to you day in and day out. What I do is very important to not only me, but you as well. I protect our environment.

You are probably asking yourself how one single little bug can protect the environment and actually make a difference in this world. Well, I’ll tell you. I can’t make a difference unless you help me make a difference so, essentially we are all in this together.

See, if I see someone littering or doing something to the environment that they shouldn’t I tell them about it. Most people don’t realize that if they throw a cup or their sandwich wrapper on the ground that what they are doing is hurting the environment. Once they realize what they are doing, they not only stop but they will also spread the word and that in itself makes the world of difference. If we all pull together we can all save our environment from destruction.

So, getting back to hugging a bug. We should all pitch in together and keep our environment as clean as we can. The next time you see someone littering, tell them. Give them a hug and tell them the Environment Bug is on their side. You won’t even have to explain to them that they should spread the word, because they will do this on their own, guaranteed. So everyone, let’s hug a bug.

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