Forgetful Fred Forgets the Halloween Treats

Forgetful Fred was sitting in his living room reading the newspaper and just relaxing after a hard day at work.

“Forgetful Fred,” said Sarah. “Come on it is Halloween. The kids will be at our door for trick-or-treating anytime now.”

“Um Halloween,” said Forgetful Fred, with a lump in his throat all of a sudden.

“Forgetful Fred,” said Sarah. “You did remember to get the Halloween treats today didn’t you?”

“Oh of course I did,” said Forgetful Fred, getting up off his chair and heading out the front door quickly.

Forgetful Fred, he should have just remembered to pick up the Halloween treats while in the city today. Now he had to lie to Sarah, his wife, and sneak out to the store to buy some treats.

“I’ve got to have some Halloween candy,” said Forgetful Fred to the cashier at the candy store.

“I’m sorry sir,” said the clerk. “But this candy is going to be $10 a bag.”

“What?” said Forgetful Fred. “How can you charge $10 a bag for this candy when it is only worth $2.50?”

“Well sir,” said the cashier. “It is Halloween and there have been many people like you that have forgotten to get their Halloween treats before now. We have to make our money somehow. Besides, if you go home empty handed, your wife will know you lied to her and you will be in trouble.”

“How do you know that?” asked Forgetful Fred.

“Like I said,” said the cashier. “There has been lots of people like you that have forgotten to get their Halloween treats before now. We see this every Halloween.”

Forgetful Fred, he paid the cashier $10 for that bag of candy and vowed he would never do that again because he did not want to get into any trouble from his wife.

Forgetful Fred was back reading his newspaper in no time at all and luckily for him, Sarah didn’t know he had even left the house.

“Forgetful Fred,” said Sarah. “Where is the candy? The kids are starting to knock at the door.”

Forgetful Fred, he had been in such a hurry to pay for the bag of candy at the store that he had left it on the counter. Now, he knew he was in trouble with Sarah.

“Forgetful Fred,” said Sarah. “You don’t have the candy now do you? And don’t tell anymore lies to me.”

“Well,” said Forgetful Fred. “I got tied up in meetings today at work and I kind of forgot. I’m sorry Sarah.”

“This time you are off the hook,” said Sarah. “But only because the cashier at the store felt sorry for you and dropped off the bag of candy that you had just purchased from her on her way home from work.”

Forgetful Fred, he shouldn’t have been in such a hurry to leave the store. He should have remembered to grab the bag of candy on the way out the door. However, he smiled at his wife and gave her a kiss and a hug and all was well with Forgetful Fred and Sarah.

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