Summer Shade

“I wonder where my best friend, Racum Raccoon is today,” said Sly Fox, as he walked through the forest. “It is such a hot day outside today.” Sly Fox looked around at all the usual spots that he and Racum normally visit. He looked behind the big rock they would sometimes hide behind. Racum wasn’t […] Read More


Squeaky is a pretty little piglet that lives on a ranch in British Columbia, Canada. Squeaky loves the ranch that he lives on. He loves the barn that he lives in and especially loves his owners, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, very much. The only thing that Squeaky does not like is a wolf that frequently […] Read More


“Oh no!” exclaimed Fawn. “What is the matter?” asked Spot. “Look!” exclaimed Fawn, pointing up to the moon in the sky. “It is a full moon!” “Yes,” said Spot. “It is a full moon and it is beautiful!” The full moon was bright yellow in the black, midnight sky. It was shining just above the […] Read More

Wild Cougar

“I’m hungry and I want something to eat and I want it now!” screamed the hungry cougar from his den. The cougar walked toward the doorway and stood looking out over the snow-covered mountains. It was a crisp cold morning. The trees and ground were covered with frost. ”It is too cold out here,” said […] Read More

Mad Dog

“Racum, wait up,” called Mad Dog. “I need to talk to you.” Racum stopped and waited up for his friend. He could see that there was something bothering Mad Dog. “What’s wrong with you?” asked Racum. “My sister called me,” said Mad Dog. ”Her little baby is sick. She needs me to go stay with […] Read More

Best Friend

“Hey, Racum,” said Sly Fox, walking up through the meadow. “Wait up!” Racum stopped walking along the pathway and waited for Sly to catch up to him. “Where have you been lately?” asked Sly. “I haven’t seen you around.” “I’ve been busy,” said Racum. “Well, I know you’ve been busy hanging around with Mad Dog,” […] Read More

Frisky the Wolf

It was a beautiful day. The sun was warm and the birds chirped loudly. Frisky, a two month old wolf pup, only wished that he could enjoy the day. Instead, he was very miserable and very lonely. “If only I had have listened when Momma told me to stay with her,” said Frisky to himself. […] Read More

Hoot! Hoot!

Farmer Jim was out in the fields, ploughing his cornfield. It was a warm autumn day. “Hoot! Hoot!” cried an owl, flying over the field. “Oh be quiet!” exclaimed Farmer Jim, angrily. “I can’t concentrate on my ploughing with you hollering your fool head off!” The owl flew away. “Ahoo Ahoo!” a wolf howled in […] Read More