Squeaky is a pretty little piglet that lives on a ranch in British Columbia, Canada. Squeaky loves the ranch that he lives on. He loves the barn that he lives in and especially loves his owners, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, very much. The only thing that Squeaky does not like is a wolf that frequently visits the ranch.

Each morning, Squeaky is let out of the barn and is allowed to bask in the sun or wade in his mud hole. Around noon each day, a wolf comes around the mud hole and torments Squeaky.

“Gee,” said the wolf to Squeaky one day. “You need to get just a little more fat on you and you will be ready for my frying pan.”

Squeaky squealed, ran and hid in the barn until the wolf had gone. Mr. Wilson just happened to be just inside the barn and heard everything the wolf had said to Squeaky.

“Squeaky,” said Mr. Wilson, chuckling to himself. “Are you going to let that old wolf torment you?”

“What are you laughing about?” asked Squeaky, his feelings a bit hurt.

“Well,” said Mr. Wilson. “I’ve known that old wolf for about 25 years now and there is no way that he is ever going to get you into his frying pan and if he did manage to get you into his frying pan, there is no way that he is ever going to be able to do anything more than that.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Squeaky, confused. “That old wolf could eat me for dinner in about two seconds.”

“Oh,” said Mr. Wilson, laughing even harder. “He could if he had any teeth.”

Squeaky’s face went beet red with embarrassment.

“You mean he’s been threatening me this whole time,” said Squeaky. “And if he was ever able to put me into his frying pan he wouldn’t be able to eat me anyway!”

“That is right,” said Mr. Wilson.

The next day the old wolf came along right at noon and Squeaky stood in his mud hole.

“Oh look,” said the wolf. “About another week and you’ll be good enough to fry.”

“Oh yeah,” said Squeaky. “Well I know for a fact that you aren’t ever going to be able to eat me once you do fry me so you may as well just give it up.”

“What are you talking about?” asked the wolf.

“Well Mr. Wilson told me you don’t have any teeth,” said Squeaky. “So there is no way you are ever going to eat me.”

The old wolf ran back into the woods with his tail between his legs and he never bothered Squeaky ever again after that.

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