Frisky the Wolf

It was a beautiful day. The sun was warm and the birds chirped loudly. Frisky, a two month old wolf pup, only wished that he could enjoy the day. Instead, he was very miserable and very lonely.

“If only I had have listened when Momma told me to stay with her,” said Frisky to himself. “I shouldn’t have wandered away from her. Then, I wouldn’t be here in this strange den, all by myself.”

Frisky was cold, despite the warm sunshine. He stood at the entrance of the den, shivering.

“I’m probably just hungry,” said Frisky. “I need something to eat! I haven’t eaten since Momma brought us home that wonderful fresh salmon! Oh, it tasted so good! I can still taste it.”

Frisky looked around him. To the right of him, he saw a stand of tall pine trees and to the left of him, he saw a fast running creek!

“I’m lost!” exclaimed Frisky. “I don’t recognize anything. Oh, Momma, where are you?”

When Frisky became separated from Momma, he wandered through the deep dark forest. While walking through the forest, he came upon an old den. He curled up inside the den and went to sleep. He was exhausted!

Frisky bounded toward the creek. The water ran fast and it was pretty deep. However, he noticed a rock that jutted out of the water.

“All I have to do is jump over to the rock,” said Frisky. “That can’t be too hard. Then, I could catch some fish for breakfast.”

Frisky took a dangerous run for the rock, reaching it, but just barely. He pulled himself up onto the rock with all his strength. Once there, he stopped to rest for a moment.

“I made it!” said Frisky, as he shook some cold water from his fur.

He looked into the clear blue water below him. He could see lots of salmon swimming quickly in the water.

“There’s breakfast,” said Frisky. “Now, all I have to do is catch one.”

He tried to remember how Momma caught her fish. She had taken Frisky fishing with her on many occasions.

“Oh Momma, I wish you were here to show me,” cried Frisky. “I don’t remember how to do it!”

Frisky closed his eyes for a second while he envisioned Momma standing by their creek at home, doing the same thing. First she would search the water for the fish. Then, she would put her paw in the water and feel around for a fish. As soon as she felt one against her paw, she would swing the fish up into the air and catch it with her mouth.

Opening his eyes, Frisky looked once again into the clear blue water. The salmon were still there. Slowly, he dipped his front paw into the water.

“Boy, that water is cold” said Frisky.

For a few moments his paw was so cold that it was numb. If any fish had brushed up against his paw, he sure didn’t feel it.

“Come on Frisky,” he scolded himself. “Concentrate. You aren’t going to get any breakfast like this!”

He concentrated on his paw that was in the water and soon he felt a huge salmon nudge against it. Quickly, he whipped his paw out of the water. The salmon went flying, only, it didn’t go into the air. Instead it landed with a loud thump against the shore.

“Well, at least I caught one,” said Frisky, quickly jumping from the rock, back to shore.

After he had eaten his breakfast, Frisky felt much better. His stomach was full and now, he could even think better.

“Okay, now all I have to do is find Momma,” said Frisky. “She’ll be very worried about me.”

Frisky walked along the shore of the creek for a few hours. He stopped every so often, trying to gain his bearings, but no matter how hard he tried to look for something familiar, he just couldn’t see anything.

“I’ll never get out this forest,” said Frisky, a little while later. “I’m lost for good.”

An owl hooted in a nearby tree.

“Oh be quiet,” said Frisky, angrily. “I don’t have time to chase you today. I’m too busy trying to find my way home.”

Frisky walked on a little while further.

“Wait,” said Frisky to himself. “That owl! Could he be the same owl that I hear every day? If he is, then that means that home is just up ahead!”

Frisky stopped and took a good look around him. Things were starting to look familiar to him. Soon, he came to a little clearing and just off to the left, he could see the entrance to his home, Momma’s den. He ran as fast as he could go, giving a long shrieking howl every
few seconds.

Momma, hearing a strange noise, stood outside the den, looking toward the deep forest.
Frisky bounded over to her so quickly, that Momma didn’t know at first what it was that came at her. She looked down to where Frisky sat with his tongue hanging out and his eyes full of love and started licking him all over!

“Oh Momma, I’m so sorry,” said Frisky. “I will never disobey you ever again! It feels so nice to be home!”

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