Summer Trees

“I love summer trees,” said Silly Snake, walking through the thick, lush forest. “Summer trees seem to come alive.” 
Silly Snake looked up and he saw a tall oak tree. 
“Hello Mr. Oak Tree,” said Silly Snake. “You are a very tall summer tree.” 
“Thank you,” said the oak tree. “And, you are a very silly snake. Don’t you know that trees don’t talk?” 
“That is funny,” said Silly Snake. “My name is Silly Snake and why are you talking if trees don’t talk.” 

“My goodness,” said the oak tree. “Why am I talking if trees don’t talk?” 
“I don’t know,” said Silly Snake. “I wonder if the other summer trees can talk. I think I will go and find out.” 
“That is a good idea,” said the oak tree. 
Silly Snake saw a huge maple tree at the edge of the field. He made his way over to it. He got halfway to the maple tree when he heard a voice. He turned around and all he saw was an old weeping willow tree. 
“Snake,” called out the tree. “Can you hear me?” 
“Yes,” said Silly Snake. “I can. I can hear you. I could also hear the oak tree too. I was on my way over to the maple tree at the edge of the field to find out if it can talk too.” 
“It can,” said the willow tree.  
“Do you know why you and the others can talk?” asked Silly Snake.  
“We are called summer trees,” said the willow tree. 
“Yes,” said Silly Snake. “I do know you are summer trees. The reason you are summer trees is because you seem to all come alive in the summer.” 
“That is right,” said the willow tree. “I put a spell on all the summer trees.” 
“Honestly,” said billy Snake. “That isn’t much of a spell. I thought spells were evil and wicked. Having the summer trees talk is not evil at all.” 
“I guess you are right,” said the willow tree. “I could undo the spell and put a different one on them.” 
“Something tells me that wouldn’t be a good idea,” said Silly Snake. “It seems to me that your spells are not working right. Besides, casting spells on trees or anything else isn’t a good thing.” 
“You are right,” said the willow tree, after carefully thinking about what Silly Snake just said. “I guess I shouldn’t be casting spells on anything if they are not working properly.” 
“Good,” said Silly Snake. 
“Should I remove this spell I have now on the summer trees,” asked the willow tree. 
“Yes,” said Silly Snake. “Put them back to normal.” 
The willow tree took the spell of the summer trees and put them all back to normal. Even though the summer trees could not talk anymore, Silly Snake always felt a special connection to them. He would sit among them and he would talk to them. 
They seemed to understand what he was saying to them and the way they moved their branches around, Silly Snake felt that was their way of communicating with him. 


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not a good idea to put spells on people or objects.
  • Example: Silly Snake told the willow tree it wasn’t a good idea to put spells on the summer trees.
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