Beatrice Bee Goes Fishing

Beatrice Bee was flying along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. She saw a ship that was anchored to a dock. She flew onto the deck of the ship and saw workers who were busy cleaning the ship from top to bottom.

“Okay crew,” Fishing Kid, the owner of the ship announced. “Are we ready to catch lots of fish?”

“Oh yes,” said Harry, the crew foreman. “We are more than ready, Fishing Kid. We want this season to be the best ever.”

“And it will be,” said Fishing Kid. “Let’s get the brooms and mops put away and get this fishing trip underway.”

Fishing Kid went below the deck to the galley to get his map and came right back up. He spotted Beatrice. She scared him. Fishing Kid screamed.

“A bee!” Fishing Kid screamed.

“How did a bee get on the ship?” asked Harry, coming to Fishing Kid to see what he was screaming about.

“It is okay,” said Beatrice Bee. “I’ m not going to hurt you. My name is Beatrice Bee. I saw your ship at the dock and just wanted to check it out.”

“You promise you won’t sting us?” asked Fishing Kid.

“Yes,” said Beatrice. “I promise.”

“In that case,” said Fishing Kid. “Why don’t you come fishing with us?”

“I would love to,” said Beatrice, excitedly.

Beatrice was so thrilled that she was going to go fishing.

“I have never gone fishing before,” said Beatrice. “This will be fun.”

Beatrice couldn’t believe the amount of fish Fishing Kid caught. She also couldn’t believe the size of the fish.

“Those are the biggest fish I have ever seen,” said Beatrice.

“Yes,” said Fishing Kid. “They can get quite big.”

Beatrice flew down toward the mouth of the fish and the fish tried to snap at her. Luckily she was able to lift herself up and away from the fish.

“That was a close call,” said Fishing Kid. “I wouldn’t try that again if I were you.”

“No,” sad Beatrice. “I don’t want to be breakfast for that fish.”

Beatrice was very careful to not do that again. She did have a lot of fun fishing with Fishing Kid and his crew.

“Hey little bee!” waved Fishing Kid, when Beatrice was leaving the ship once it was back at the dock. “You can come fishing with us anytime you want.”

“I would like that,” said Beatrice. “Next time I will bring you some honey.”

“That would be wonderful,” said Fishing Kid.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Example: Beatrice Bee got too close to the mouth of a fish.
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