Christopher Corn has a Meltdown

It was a dull and dreary summer morning. Christopher Corn woke up, not quite feeling like himself. He was late getting up and he couldn’t stop thinking about the bad dream he had.

He glanced over at his phone and realized he was late for practice.

“Oh no!” shouted Christopher to himself, grabbing his clothes and quickly throwing them on. I am late for practice. I have never been late, ever. I can’t believe this.”

Christopher ran down to the barn. The band had started practicing without him.

“You are doing this routine all wrong,” yelled Christopher. “Mrs. Tomato and Olive, I want you on the left side of the stage. You have to make room for Cameron to do his dance routine.”

“We discussed this yesterday,” said Olive Onion. “Cameron said he felt better entering from the left.”

“Yes,” said Cameron Cauliflower. “Don’t you remember discussing it? We tried it out this morning and it worked great.”

“Christopher,” said Farmer Fred. “Can I talk to you?”

Farmer Fred walked outside and Christopher followed him.

“Are you alright?” asked Farmer Fred. “You seem distant this morning and it isn’t like you to show up late for practice.”

“I had a horrible dream last night,” said Christopher, with tears in his eyes. “It really bothered me. I guess it bothered me to the point that I didn’t hear the alarm go off.”

“Dreams can do that,” said Farmer Fred. “The only good thing about dreams is you have to remember they are not real.”

“But,” said Christopher. “This one was so vivid.”

“Oh,” said Farmer Fred. “I know that they can be.”

“I just can’t seem to shake it off though,” said Christopher.

“Oh I know that feeling all too well,” said Farmer Fred. “It is like the dream won’t leave you alone.”

“Exactly,” said Christopher.

“Best way to shake it is to keep your mind focused on something else,” said Farmer Fred.

“Like music,” said Christopher.

“Yes,” said Farmer Fred.

Farmer Fred and Christopher went back inside the barn. Christopher picked up his guitar, started strumming it and he never thought about the dream for the rest of that day.


Moral of this Story:

  • Best way to keep your mind off a bad dream is to think about something else.
  • Example: Christopher Corn had a bad dream that wouldn’t leave him alone. Farmer Fred suggested thinking about something else would help him shake it off.
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