Beatrice Bee and Silly Snake

“Oh look,” said Silly Snake, as he walked down the road on a cool summer day. “I see a bee. Maybe that will be my lunch.”

Silly Snake crept along the road, being very careful not to scare the bee away. However, Silly Snake noticed the bee actually seemed smarter than him. The bee seemed to hear every pebble that Silly Snake slithered on. It seemed that when Silly Snake was just about to stick out his long, forked tongue, to take a bite of the bee, the bee would fly away.

Come back bee,” said Silly Snake. “All I want is a little taste of you.”

“I don’t want to be your lunch,” said the bee. “My name is Beatrice Bee. You should just keep walking along the road because you are going to need to find something else to eat for your lunch. I am sorry to disappoint you.”

“My name is silly Snake,” said Silly Snake. “I am sorry for trying to eat you for lunch. You seem to be a very nice bee, so, I promise not to eat you for lunch.”

“Okay,” said Beatrice. “I do feel better about you now. Perhaps we could be friends.”

“I would like that very much,” said Silly Snake.

Silly Snake took a good look at Beatrice. He noticed her very sharp stinger. You wouldn’t sting me with your stinger?” asked Silly Snake. “Your stinger looks very sharp.”

‘We are friends now,” said Beatrice. “I would never hurt my friends.”

“Good to know,” said Silly Snake.

Beatrice and Silly Snake did get along extremely well. They became the best of friends.


Moral of this Story:

  • It wouldn’t be nice to hurt a friend.
  • Example: Beatrice Bee and Silly Snake became friends. Silly Snake was afraid Beatrice would sting him. Beatrice would never hurt a friend.
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