Summer Date for Frankie

Summer Date …

“How is your day going?” Frankie asked Anna when he dropped by the diner to have a cup of coffee.

“Don’ t ask,” said Anna, carrying a tray full of coffee in one hand and wiping spilled coffee in the other. “I just spilled coffee all over the table. Thankfully the customer wasn’t sitting there at the time.”

Frankie gave Anna a kiss and left. He saw his friend Marvin beside the dumpster at the back of the diner.

“Anna is having such a bad day at work,” said Frankie. “I wish there was a way to cheer her up.”

“Why don’t you take her on a date?” asked Marvin. “I know you don’t like crowds because people make fun of you because you are a monster, but think of how happy you would make Anna.”

“I would do anything to make her happy,” said Frankie. “Even though I would be out of my comfort zone, I think a date would be wonderful.”

“Here,” said Marvin, handing Frankie a $50 bill. “Take this. Take her to see a movie. Buy her some popcorn. I guarantee she will feel better.”

“Thank you,” said Frankie. “Anna will love it.”

Once Anna was finished work for the day, Frankie took her by the hand and led her in the direction of the movie theatre. Anna looked up to him with a confused look on her face.

“We are going on a date,” said Frankie.

“Are you sure?” asked Anna, knowing Frankie’s anxiety about going out in public.

“Yes,” said Frankie. “I am sure. I know you had a bad day at work so I wanted to do something to keep your mind off things.”

“I really appreciate this,” said Anna.

Frankie and Anna got to the theatre and Frankie smiled. The theatre was having a monster movie festival. People were all dressed up as monsters. Frankie was right at home in his element and because he was having a good time, Anna also enjoyed herself immensely.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to do something special when someone has a bad day.
  • Example: Frankie knew Anna had a bad day at the diner so he wanted to do something nice for her. He talked with his homeless friend, Marvin, and he suggested he take Anna out on a date.

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