Mrs. Robin’s Busy Summer

Mrs. Robin was cleaning up the nest after her three babies finished their breakfast.

“Those babies of mine sure do make a mess,” said Mrs. Robin to herself.

It took Mrs. Robin about an hour to clean the nest. After that she had to go find some worms for her babies for their lunch.

“It is getting harder and harder to find worms,” said Mrs. Robin. “This summer has been so hot and so dry.”

Mrs. Robin had to go further and further away from the nest each day. Collecting worms was taking more and more of her time each day.

“It is such a beautiful summer day,” said Mrs. Robin. “Before I know it, summer is going to be over. I haven’t had much time to enjoy it!”

The next day, it was once again, a beautiful summer day. Mrs. Robin woke up extra early.

“Today,” said Mrs. Robin. “I am going to take a few hours just for myself.”

Mrs. Robin was able to find some worms closer to the nest because there was a little bit of dew on the grass that early in the morning. After feeding her babies and cleaning up the nest, Mrs. Robin put her babies down for a nap. While they were napping, she was able to spend a little time to herself and enjoy the summer weather. It pleased her very much that she was able to do this.


Moral of this Story:

  • You should try to spend time to enjoy the summer weather.
  • Example: Mrs. Robin was so busy with her babies that she did not have time to enjoy summer.


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