Christopher Corn and Sweet Corn

“There is a cool breeze in the air,” said Christopher Corn, who just finished practising with Loud Garden. “I think I will take my guitar and sit under a tree by the lake.”
“That sounds peaceful,” said Calvin Carrot.
“I would join you but I want to practise that new routine on the drums.”
“No worries,” said Christopher. “I kind of want to just be by myself.”
“Well have fun,” said Calvin Carrot.
“Thanks,” said Christopher. “I will try.”
Christopher put his guitar in its guitar case and he carried it down to the lake.
“This is one of my favourite spots,” said Christopher, setting the guitar case onto one of the picnic tables. “It is so calm and peaceful here.”
Christopher walked around the shore of the lake, taking in all of its beauty. The lake was clear blue. He could see the pebbles on the bottom of the lake. He saw a school of minnows and off in the distance he could hear the cries of a loon.
Christopher went back to the picnic table. He took his guitar out of its case and he made himself comfortable on the picnic table.
“The breathtaking beauty surrounds me,” sang Christopher, strumming his guitar. “It is something I can look at, something I can see.”
Christopher heard Farmer Fred’s truck pull up to the lake. He laid his guitar back into his guitar case.
“Oh please don’t stop singing on my account,” said Farmer Fred. “That voice of yours is amazing.”
“Thank you,” said Christopher, taking the guitar back out.
“Your voice is just like sweet corn,” said Farmer Fred.
“Sweet corn,” said Christopher. “What is that?”
“Sweet corn is the most delicious corn there is,” explained Farmer Fred. “Especially smothered in salt and butter. You have made me hungry now.”
“Enjoy your sweet corn,” said Christopher.
“Oh,” said Farmer Fred. “I will for sure.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to appreciate the talent of others.
  • Example: Farmer Fred appreciated Christopher Corn’s voice.
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