Hot Summer Night

“It is so hot here in the house today,” said Forgetful Fred.
“Yes,” said Sarah, Forgetful Fred’s wife. “I just noticed that too.”
“Are you cooking anything in the oven?” asked Forgetful Fred.
“No,” said Sarah. “We had supper on the barbecue tonight.”
“I remember that now,” said Forgetful Fred.
“I just came in from cleaning up outside,” said Sarah. “There was a cool breeze out there. It is much hotter in the house than it is outside.”
“I turned the air conditioner on about half an hour ago,” said Forgetful Fred. “It is supposed to be much colder in here now.”
Sarah went over to the vent and put her hand over it. There was hot air coming out of it.
“Did you turn the air conditioner on?” asked Sarah. “Or did you turn the furnace on?”
“I must have turned the furnace on,” said Forgetful Fred. “I must have forgot which switch was for the air conditioner.”
“Yes,” said Sarah. “You must have.”
“I will go turn the air conditioner on,” said Forgetful Fred.

“You stay right here,” said Sarah. “I will do it.”
“That is a good idea,” said Forgetful Fred.
Sarah went downstairs and sure enough, Forgetful Fred had turned the furnace on instead of the air conditioner. Within minutes, the house started to cool down.
“Would you like an iced tea?” asked Forgetful Fred.
“Yes,” said Sarah. “I would.”
Forgetful Fred went into the kitchen and Sarah heard the kettle boiling.
“I thought you were making iced tea,” said Sarah. “Getting the iced tea mix down from the cupboard.”
“I forgot,” said Forgetful Fred.
“I will make it,” said Sarah.


Moral of this Story:

  • Be careful when you are switching on the air conditioner.
  • Example: Forgetful Fred forgot which switch was for the air conditioner. He ended up turning on the furnace instead.
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