Silly Snake’s Summer Fun

It was a very hot summer so far. Silly Snake wanted to find a way to cool down.
“I should go swimming,” said Silly Snake to himself. “That would cool me down.”
Silly Snake put on his swimsuit and he grabbed a beach towel. He slithered his way along a gravel road, around a bend and up a small hill. He was pretty warm when he reached the lake.
“I really am looking forward to going for a swim,” said Silly Snake.
Silly Snake put his foot into the water and instead of feeling refreshed from the cool water, he looked down at his foot and saw it was covered in mud.
“The lake is covered in mud,” said Silly Snake, disappointed. “Now I can’t go swimming.”
Silly Snake started to walk home. He was so hot. He still needed to cool down.
“Wait a minute,” said silly Snake, who just thought of something he could do to cool down. “I have the perfect solution.”
Once Silly Snake got home, he took the garden hose and hooked up the sprinkler to it. He then turned on the water and ran and jumped through it.
“That was so much fun,” said Silly Snake, who felt cool and refreshed. “Next time, I will just stay home and go through the sprinkler when I get too hot.”
Silly Snake was glad that he was able to find a way to cool down. It turned out to be the hottest summer on record.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is best to cool down with a sprinkler on hot summer days.
  • Example: Silly Snake needed to cool down but there was too much mud in the pond so he decided to use a sprinkler instead.
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