Pretty Flowers in May

Poor Mountain Mother had been very busy house cleaning the whole day long. She was exhausted and felt like she needed to go outside for some fresh air. When she stepped outside she got a second wind.

The air was so fresh and clean. The sun was shining so brightly. Poor Mountain Mother decided she would go for a little walk. She followed the pathway into the forest. She walked down the pathway a little ways and came to a clearing.

Poor Mountain Mother stopped suddenly and took a good look around her. She couldn’t believe the beauty surrounding her. What she saw was a field full of beautiful flowers. There were pinks and yellows and lots of purples. Poor Mountain Mother couldn’t believe the beauty of it.

Poor Mountain Mother picked some of the flowers and when she went home she put them in a vase and was going to put them on the window ledge when she noticed there was another vase there already that was filled with the same pretty flowers as the ones she just picked.

“I see someone else had found the field of wild flowers,” said Poor Mountain Father, laughing as he was coming into the kitchen.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Aren’t they pretty?”

“Absolutely,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“Poor Mountain Mother!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Sister. “Look what I found.”

Poor Mountain Sister also had a handful of the pretty wildflowers.

“It looks like we all had the same idea,” laughed Poor Mountain Mother.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Brother, holding a handful of them too.

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