Marie’s Operation

“Well,” said Suzie, putting down her drum sticks. “I guess that’s it for tonight. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m exhausted.”

“Me too,” said Marie. “Besides, I need this to be an early night tonight. My operation is tomorrow.”

“Oh,” said Suzie. “That’s right. You’d better be getting home. We need you to be well rested for your operation. Just Girlz needs you in tip-top shape in seven weeks.”

“Only seven weeks,” said Mollie, putting her guitar away.

“Time is going to fly,” said Crystal . “Before you know it, we’re going to be on tour with Billy Troll!”

“It’s amazing,” said Marie, violin case in her hand. “Two weeks ago, we didn’t know each other and now we’re going to be Billy Trolls opening act.”

“Pretty awesome isn’t it,” said Mollie.

“It sure is,” said Crystal .

“Hey Marie,” said Suzie, who had left the room for a moment and now had a parcel in her hand. “The girls and I have something for you.”

“Ah thanks,” said Marie putting her violin case down and opening up the parcel to find a brand new royal blue bathrobe and a matching pair of slippers. “You girls are great!”

“Good luck tomorrow,” said the three girls, giving Marie a group hug.

“Hey!” exclaimed Marie. “I am only having an operation on my knee! It is not like it’s a serious operation. I will be just fine. I will pull through this with flying colours and I will be up and walking in no time at all.”

“Well,” said Suzie. “We actually want you to be up and dancing in no time at all!”

“Okay,” said Marie. “If you want me to be up and dancing, then you are going to have to let me go so I can get a good night’s sleep.”

“Yes,” said Suzie. “You’d better get home.”

The day of Marie’s operation came. Marie ‘s doctor came into her hospital room.

“I’ve been told to take extra special care of our little superstar’“ said Dr. Jones. “I hear that you are going to be one busy girl this summer!”

“Oh!” exclaimed Marie, laughing. “And where did you hear that from?”

“Three little mice sitting outside in the waiting room,” said Dr. Jones.

“They aren’t the three blind mice by any chance?” asked Marie.

“As far as I can tell they can all see just fine,” said Dr. Jones. “But, I have heard that they can sing really good.”

“Hi Marie,” said Crystal , poking her head through the door, followed by Mollie and Suzie.

“Hi Crystal,” said Marie. “What are you girls doing here? Don’t you have school today? Your father will be so mad.”

“No he won’t,” said Crystal . “He is the one that brought us.”

“That was really nice of him,” said Marie.

“Yeah,” said Crystal . “He is a really good Dad.”

“So,” said Suzie. “How are you?”

“Just a little nervous,” said Marie.

“Well,” said Mollie. “That is to be expected. After all you are in the hospital.”

“Okay girls,” said Dr. Jones. “Our little patient has to go to the operating room now.”

“Good luck Marie,” the girls called as they watched their friend being wheeled away.

“Thanks,” Marie said, waving back to them.

Marie came through the operation with flying colours. In fact, the operation was so successful that Marie recovered a lot quicker than expected so that she was more than ready for the summer concerts.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always care about your best friends.
  • Example: The girls were worried about their friend Marie, who was having an operation.
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