It’s Time to Sail

“Pirate Pete,” said Slappy, one of Piriate Pete’s crew members. “You look horrible. Are we going to be able to go sailing?”

“We are definitely going sailing,” said Pirate Pete, in a hoarse voice.

“How can we sail?” asked Slappy. “You sound horrible.”

“To tell you the truth,” said Pirate Pete. “I feel horrible. I have had some hangovers in my life but nothing like this.”

“Maybe you have the flu,” said Slappy. “I hear there is a bad one going around. I think you should go see the doctor.”

“I don’t have time to see a doctor,” said Pirate Pete.

Pirate Pete was feeling so ill that he almost passed out. Slappy called the doctor.

“He has a bad case of the flu,” said the doctor.

“Will he be able to sail?” asked Slappy.

“Not until the flu bug is gone,” said the doctor.

Pirate Pete was so sick that he slept for a few days straight. Slappy was there to look after him. He gave him lots of chicken soup.

“Let’s get sailing,” said Pirate Pete a few days later, once he was feeling better. “I have been laying around far too long.”

“Good to hear,” said Slappy. “Then, you must be feeling much better.”

“I am,” said Pirate Pete. “Thank you for looking after me.”

“You are very welcome,” said Slappy, with a hoarse voice.

“Oh oh,” said Pirate Pete.” We won’t be sailing for a few more days.”

“Why not?” asked Slappy.

“Because I am going to take care of you,” said Pirate Pete.

Slappy felt weak. He laid down on the bed. Pirate Pete went to the kitchen and made a big batch of chicken soup. He nursed Slappy back to health.

Once Slappy was feeling better, it was finally time to sail.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is a good idea to help others when they are sick.
  • Example: Pirate Pete became sick with the flu so Slappy, his crewmate, looked after him.

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