Fresh Veggies are Happy

“You said you had a secret to tell us,” said Christopher Corn, while helping Farmer Fred out in the field, one hot summer day.

“Yes,” said Farmer Fred, wiping the sweat off his forehead. “I have actually just finalized the deal. How would Loud Garden like to perform an end of summer concert?”

“We would love to,” said Christopher.” When is the end of summer?”

“September 22,” said Farmer Fred. “The concert will be this coming weekend.”

“That is only a few days from now,” said Christopher.

“Yes it is,” said Farmer Fred. “However, we can do it.”

“I have to tell the others,” said Christopher, who was very excited. “I have to get the set list ready and see if Oliver Onion can help Cameron Cauliflower with the choreography.”

“Good idea,” said Farmer Fred. “The crowds love Cameron’s dancing.”

“They sure do,” said Christopher.

“I think you are forgetting to ask me a very important question,” said Farmer Fred.

Christopher looked blank. He didn’t know what Farmer Fred was referring to.

“The location,” said Farmer Fred.

“I just assumed it was going to be here,” said Christopher.

“It is,” said Farmer Fred. “But it is going to be streamed live to the whole world.”

“Are you serious?” asked Christopher, in shock.

“Yes,” said Farmer Fred. “Dead serious!”

“This is major,” said Christopher, panicking.

“It is,” said Farmer Fred. “But I know you can pull it off.”

Christopher told the others and they were ecstatic. They were so excited, they were dancing around on stage, running into each other and knocking things over.

“We need to focus,” said Christopher. “We don’t need anyone to get hurt.”

“I agree,” said Mrs. Tomato.

“Good,” said Christopher.” We have a ton of work to do.”

Everyone pulled together and worked very hard over the next few days. The concert was a huge success. Loud Garden was loved worldwide.

“That was the best concert ever,” said Christopher on cloud nine. “I am so proud of what we did in such a short time.”

“You guys were great! “exclaimed Farmer Fred. “In fact, you were so great, there may be a record deal for you in the near future.”

“Oh my!” shouted Christopher. “That would be awesome!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Hard work does pay off.
  • Example: Christopher Corn and the Fresh Veggie Family worked very hard and they were able to do a very successful end of summer concert.
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