Hot Summer for Sprinkles

Sprinkles woke up one very hot summer morning. She saw something very disturbing on her pillow case. The sprinkles her hair was made of, were starting to melt.

“Oh dear!” cried Sprinkles, running into the kitchen where her mother was. “Mother! My hair is melting! What am I going to do?”

“Okay,” said Mother, pulling up a chair in front of the air conditioner. “Here, we need to keep you cool.”

Sprinkles sat down on the chair. She noticed her hair stopped melting, almost immediately. Mother sat beside her and took out all the sprinkles that had melted.

“There,” said Mother. “That looks much better.”

“I think my bedroom needs an air conditioner,” said Sprinkles.

“I agree,” said Mother. “Let’s go to the mall and get you one.”

“What about my hair?” asked Sprinkles. “I don’t want it to melt again.”

“Good point,” said Mother. “However, the car has air conditioning and so does the mall.”

“Yes!” exclaimed Sprinkles. “You are right. Let’s go!”

Sprinkles and Mother had a great time at the mall. Mother got her an air conditioner. They also enjoyed lunch together. Mother bought them both an ice cream cone and Sprinkles pulled some of the sprinkles from her head to use as a topping.

“Good ice-cream,” said Sprinkles.

“Nothing like fresh sprinkles on top of it,” said Mother, laughing.

“And we get them for free,” laughed Sprinkles.


Moral of this Story:

  • Try to stay cool in the hot weather.
  • Example: Sprinkles’ hair was starting to melt so Mother put her in front of the air conditioner.

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