Beatrice Bee Meets Tiki Bug

“Hello little bee,” said Stephanie, a five year old girl, who was playing in the park.

“Stephanie,” a voice said from behind her. “Don’t go near the bee. It might sting you.”

“My name is Beatrice Bee,” said Beatrice Bee. “I promise I won’t sting Stephanie.”

“Tiki Bug,” said Stephanie. “What are you doing here?”

“I am here to make sure you are safe,” said Tiki Bug.

“Thank you,” said Stephanie. “But I am safe.”

“I have done a lot of traveling,” said Beatrice, taking a good look at Tiki Bug. “But, I have never seen a bug like you before.”

“I am very rare,” said Tiki Bug. “I show up when Stephanie is in danger.”

“That is incredible,” said Beatrice. “It is a pleasure meeting you.”

“My name is Tiki Bug,” said Tiki Bug. “It is a pleasure meeting you as well.”

“It looks like you have a new friend,” said Stephanie, smiling.

“Yes I do,” said Tiki Bug, seeing, Stephanie smiling.

Tiki Bug smiled too because now she had a new friend.

“My job is done for this time,” said Tiki Bug, disappearing.

“Where did Tiki Bug go?” asked Beatrice.

“She always disappears when I smile,” said Stephanie. “She knows I am safe. She will be back when she thinks I am in danger.”

“It is good that you have a friend like that,” said Beatrice.

“Yes it is,” said Stephanie.


Moral of this Story:

  • We should help each other when we are in danger.
  • Example: Tiki Bug makes sure that Stephanie is not in danger.

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