Salad Dressing

The Fresh Veggie Family were enjoying a rather cool summer day. They were all dressed in jeans and sweatshirts.

“The weather today is very enjoyable,” said Mrs. Tomato.

“Yes,” said Farmer Fred. “It certainly is. This has been an unusually hot summer. It is nice to be able to sit without sticking to the chair because of sweat.”

“It is a good day for a longer than usual practise session,” said Christopher Corn. “We have a lot of work ahead of us for our huge Labour Day concert. We have had to cut some of our sessions short because of the extreme heat. Today it would be a perfect day to do some catching up.”

“You guys go ahead and practice,” said Farmer Fred. “I have to run into town. I ran out of salad dressing.”

Farmer Fred left and the Fresh Veggie Family were gathering on stage for their practise session.

“Okay,” said Christopher, seeing everyone in their places on stage. “Let’s get started.”

The Fresh Veggie family were in the middle of singing when Christopher stopped them.

“Why are we stopping? “asked Calvin Carrot. “Did we do something wrong?”

“Is our singing off key?” asked Olive Onion.

“Absolutely not,” said Christopher.” Listen, I just thought of something Farmer Fred said before he left. He said he had to get some salad dressing.”

“Yes,” said Cameron Cauliflower. “He did say that.”

“Well,” said Christopher. “Don’t you think that we should dress nicely?”

“You know,” said Mrs. Tomato, thinking about what Christopher just said. “Christopher is right. Look at the way we are dressed. We look like slobs.”

“Let’s all take a break right now,” said Christopher. “Let’s all get dressed up in our Sunday best clothing so we look well-dressed when he comes back.”

Everyone agreed and they all changed into their Sunday best.

About an hour later, Farmer Fred returned with a bag of groceries.

“Look at all of you,” said Farmer Fred. “You look fantastic. You are my best salad dressing.”

Farmer Fred took out his two bottles of salad dressing that were in the grocery bag.

“What is that?” asked Christopher.

“It is salad dressing,” said Farmer Fred.

“Oh,” laughed Christopher.. “I thought you meant that you wanted us to dress up in our Sunday best.”

“No!” laughed Farmer Fred. “Salad dressing is a creamy liquid that is poured on salads.”

The whole Fresh Veggie family started to laugh.

“Salad dressing,” laughed Christopher, untying his neck tie. “I can’t wait to see how salads look all dressed up.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is best to think of the context of some words.
  • Example: Christopher Corn thought Farmer Fred meant that he wanted the Fresh Veggie Family to be dressed up but he just wanted to get some salad dressing.
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