Strawberry Summer Dance

“Theresa Ann!” exclaimed Hillbilly Bob, seeing her walk through the lot at the gas station he worked at. “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to know if you would like to go to the Strawberry Summer Dance with me?” asked Theresa Ann. “I thought you would have asked me by now.”

“It is still a week away,” said Hillbilly Bob.

“Well,” said Theresa Ann, stomping off in the opposite direction. “A girl would like to have a little bit of time to prepare for these things.”

“Theresa Ann please wait,” said Hillbilly Bob.

It was too late. Theresa Ann was gone.

“I guess I am in trouble,” said Hillbilly Bob.

Hillbilly Bob tried all week to talk to Theresa Ann but she just did not want to talk to him.

Finally, the afternoon of the dance came. Hillbilly Bob was all dressed up in his Sunday best. He went to the flower shop where Theresa Ann worked. Luckily, she had to run an errand and wasn’t there. Hillbilly Bob purchased a dozen yellow roses, Theresa Ann’s favourite.

Hillbilly Bob took the roses and stood outside of the flower shop. About fifteen minutes later, Theresa Ann showed up.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Theresa Ann, when she saw Hillbilly Bob. “What are you doing here?”

“I have come to ask you if you would be so kind to accompany me to the Strawberry Summer Dance?” asked Hillbilly Bob, giving her the yellow roses. “These are for you.”

“You know I can’t resist a handsome man all dressed up,” blushed Theresa Ann. “I especially can’t resist yellow roses.”

“So it’s a date?” asked Hillbilly Bob.

“Yes,” said Theresa Ann, giving him a kiss on his cheek. “It is a date.”

Hillbilly Bob and Theresa Ann had the best time ever at the Strawberry Summer Dance. They even won a few of the prizes that were offered.

“I had a good time tonight,” said Theresa Ann, when Hillbilly Bob dropped her off at her home after the dance. “I am sorry for being in such a fit.”

“It is okay,” said Hillbilly Bob. “I should have asked you a long time ago. In fact, there is a dance next month. Would you like to go with me?”

“I would love to,” said Theresa Ann.

“It’s a date,” said Hillbilly Bob.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is best to give women notice if you are going to ask them on a date.
  • Example: Hillbilly Bob waited until the last minute to ask Theresa Ann to the dance.

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