Flavourful Fresh Veggies

Flavourful Fresh Veggies … 

“Come up to the main house for dinner,” announced Farmer Fred. “We are going to have a barbecue.”

“That sounds like fun,” said Christopher Corn. “We just finished practice. We will be right up.”

“Great,” said Farmer Fred. “I will get the barbecue started. Mrs. Tomato and Olive Onion can come with me right now.”

“Okay,” said Mrs. Tomato.

“Absolutely,” said Olive Onion.

Once they left for the barbecue, Christopher, Cameron Cauliflower, Calvin Carrot and Oliver Onion put the instruments away and then went up to the main house.

“Oh,” said Christopher, picking up a bottle of pepper and a bottle of steak spices that Farmer Fred had left on the side of the barbecue. “What are these?”

Before Farmer Fred could stop him, Christopher held the bottle of pepper up to his face. He twisted the lid off it. Some of the pepper got into his nostrils. Christopher sneezed. Then, Christopher took the lid off the steak spice bottle. Some got onto his face.

“I think we have some flavourful fresh veggies,” laughed Farmer Fred.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t stick a bottle of pepper up to your face.
  • Example: Christopher Corn put a bottle of pepper up to his nose and sneezed.

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