Christopher Corn and the Corn Maze

“Okay Cameron,” said Christopher Corn during a practice session one hot, muggy, summer day. “That dance routine was really good but I think you should enter from the opposite side of the stage. There aren’t as many cords on the other side.”

“I can do that,” said Cameron Cauliflower, confused. “However, there are more chords on the other side. That is where the amps are.”

“Oh dear,” said Christopher, taking a better look. “You are right. What was I thinking?”

“It is okay,” said Cameron.

“Why don’t we move the amps over to the other side?” asked Christopher.

Cameron looked at Christopher. He thought Christopher was just joking. However, he could see that Christopher was serious.

“Do you know how much work that would be?” asked Cameron.

Farmer Fred, who had just entered the barn, heard what Christopher said to Cameron. He felt that Christopher wasn’t thinking straight. He had heard him say things that didn’t make sense over the last few days.

“Christopher,” said Farmer Fred. “Can I have a minute?”

“Sure,” said Christopher.

Farmer Fred took Christopher into his office to talk to him. Christopher noticed a picture on Farmer Fred’s wall.

“What is that?” asked Christopher.

“It is a picture of a corn maze that I had last year,” said Farmer Fred. “I took the tractor out into the cornfield and made a maze.”

“That is pretty cool,” said Christopher. “It is funny because my mind sort of feels like a maze at times.”

“I have noticed that,” said Farmer Fred. “I am a little concerned about you. Are you okay?”

“I think so,” said Christopher. “I just have a lot on my mind these days.”

“I can imagine,” said Farmer Fred. “If you need a break or need someone to talk to, let me know. I don’t want to see you burn out.”

“Okay,” said Christopher.” I do appreciate that very much.”

“Good,” said Farmer Fred. “Burnt corn does not taste very good.”

“I bet it doesn’t smell very good either,” laughed Christopher.

“Believe me,” said Farmer Fred, laughing and tapping Christopher on the back. “It definitely doesn’t.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always try to talk to someone if you are feeling depressed.
  • Example: Christopher Corn felt better after talking to Farmer Fred.
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