Beatrice Bee Makes Arrow and Cutie Laugh

Arrow and Cutie were having their afternoon nap. Arrow felt something on his nose. He swatted it with his paw. A few seconds later, he felt it again. He opened his eyes and saw a bee.

The bee saw Arrow’s eyes open and flew away. It landed on the table beside Cutie, who was still sleeping. Arrow got up into a crouching position and waited for the bee to move. When it did, he pounced on it. However, Arrow missed the bee and he landed on Cutie. Cutie woke up and yelled at Arrow.

“Why did you pounce on me?” asked Cutie, angrily. “I was sound asleep.”

“There was a bee on the table beside you,” explained Arrow.

“I don’t care,” said Cutie. “You didn’t have to pounce on me.”

“Well,” said Arrow. “Next time I will just let the bee sting you.”

“You are mean,” said Cutie.

Arrow and Cutie stopped arguing. They could hear the bee laughing at them.

“What is so funny?” asked Arrow.

“Why are you laughing?” asked Cutie.

“I am laughing at the two of you,” said the bee. “Because it is quite funny that you are arguing over me, a bee.”

“Yes,” agreed Arrow. “I guess that would be funny.”

“It would have been funny to see Arrow trying to pounce,” laughed Cutie.

“It actually was,” said the bee. “My name is Beatrice Bee. “I am new to Storyland.”

“I’ m Arrow and this is my sister, Cutie,” said Arrow.

“Hi Arrow and Cutie,” said Beatrice. “It is nice to meet you.”

“It is nice to meet you as well,” said Cutie.

“I hope you will never sting us,” said Arrow.

“I don’t sting my friends,” said Beatrice. “I do consider you and Cutie as my friends.”

“We consider you our friend as well,” said Cutie.

“Yes,” laughed Beatrice. “You just don’t want me to sting you.”

“True,” laughed Arrow. “Also, we love how you make us laugh.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to be able to laugh.
  • Example: Arrow and Cutie were arguing and Beatrice Bee made them laugh.

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