Calvin Carrot and Carrot Cake

“Calvin,” said Christopher Corn, admiring the way he was playing the drums. “You have been working so hard and your drum playing sounds amazing.”
“Thank you Christopher,” said Calvin Carrot. “Your comment means a lot to me.”
“You are welcome,” said Christopher.
Calvin got down from the drum set and he grabbed a bottle of water. He thought he heard someone crying.
“Do you hear that?” asked Calvin. “I think someone is crying.”
“I think you are right,” said Christopher. “It sounds like Olive Onion.”
Both Calvin and Christopher went to find out why Olive was crying.
“What is going on?” asked Calvin, wrapping his arms around Olive.” Why are you crying?”
“I am so sentimental,” cried Olive. “I heard you playing your drums. You sounded amazing.”
“Well thank you,” said Calvin.
“I tried not to cry, “said Olive.” Unfortunately, onions tend to shed tears easily.”
“It is okay to cry,” said Christopher. “Showing your emotions is healthy.”
Calvin was touched by Christopher’s kind words. Olive saw him wipe away some tears
from his eyes.

“Calvin,” laughed Olive. “You are as sentimental as I am.”
“I am,” agreed Calvin. “I am pretty mushy.”
“You are just like a piece of carrot cake,” said Olive. “Moist and sweet.”
Calvin and Christopher laughed so hard at Olive’s comment. Their laughter helped Olive heal as well.
“I feel much better now,” said Olive.

“Good, “said Christopher. “We are glad to hear that.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Showing your emotions is healthy.
  • Example: Christopher Corn tells Olive Onion that it is okay that she cries.
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