Sitting in the Sun

“It is a very warm day,” said Silly Snake looking out the door of his den. “I think I will go outside
to sit for awhile.”

Silly Snake went outside. He saw a nice big rock. He slithered his way up to the top of the rock.

“It isn’t just warm,” said Silly Snake. “It is very hot today. It is summertime though.”

Silly Snake sat on the rock. It was nice to sit in the heat. He sat for the longest time. There was hot summer weather. However, he did sit outside a little bit too long. He ended up getting a sunburn.

Silly Snake slithered into the den. He put some soothing lotion on his sunburn. It did feel better but it was still pretty sore.

“I think I shouldn’t sit out in the sun so long when it is so hot outside,” said Silly Snake. “Sunburns hurt.”

The next day, Silly Snake went outside and within two minutes he was back inside the house.

“It is way too hot outside again today,” said Silly Snake. “I learned my lesson from yesterday. I don’t want to get another sunburn. The one I got yesterday was bad enough.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t sit out in the sun for too long on hot days.
  • Example: Silly Snake got a sunburn because he sat out in the sun for too long on a hot day.
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