Arrow and Cutie at the Beach

“Where are Arrow and Cutie?” asked Daddy, coming home from work on a warm summer day.

“Come here,” said Mommy, taking Daddy into the kitchen.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Daddy. “They are so cute!”

Arrow and Cutie had crawled into a cardboard box together and they were both sound asleep.

“They have been in there for about an hour now,” said Mommy. “They have both been so good today.”

“Maybe we need to take them to the beach,” said Daddy.

Well, those words sure woke them up. Arrow and Cutie both sat up and poked their heads out of the box.

“That sure got their attention,” laughed Daddy.

“It sure did,” said Mommy, grabbing the leashes and harnesses and putting them on the two cats.

Mommy and Daddy lived just across the street from the beach so they each took a cat in their arms and walked the short distance. They set them down in the sand. The warm sand felt good on their paws. They were a little skeptical about walking in the sand at first but it wasn’t long before they were running around and chasing each other.

“Oh oh,” said Mommy, seeing Arrow staring across the sand to where the water was splashing up onto the shore. “Arrow sees the water.”

“Cutie sees it too,” said Daddy.

The two cats were very curious. They slinked very slowly over to it. Arrow got a drop of water on his nose. He started backing up but his curiosity got the best of him. Soon they were both at the water’s edge.

They both looked down at their front paws as the water splashed them. They were both enjoying it. The cool water felt good on their warm paws.

Both Arrow and Cutie loved the beach. They had so much fun. They also got a lot of exercise. They were worn out. When they got home, Mommy and Daddy took their leashes and harnesses off them and they both jumped into the cardboard box and fell asleep together.

“They are so cute,” said Mommy, watching them sleep.

“Yes,” said Daddy, also watching them. “They sure are.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is fun to spend time at the beach.
  • Example: Arrow and Cutie were both being good so Daddy and Mommy took them to the beach.

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