Bad Teeth Bradley and the Bag of Candy

Bad Teeth Bradley was having FUN at the RAILWAY station. He was waiting for his Aunt Stella, who was coming for a visit.

Bad Teeth Bradley stood on the platform and counted the cars on the trains as they went by. After awhile, he went inside where his father was.

“Are you having fun?” asked Father.

“Yes,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. “I love watching the trains.”

Bad Teeth Bradley’s father motioned for him to sit down. As he was sitting down, he saw a bag of CANDY on the table beside him.

“I’d better not eat them,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. “My dentist, Dr. Stevens, would LECTURE me about the candy and I do not want a lecture.”

“Good boy,” said Father. “Dr. Stevens would be proud of you.”

Aunt Stella’s train was delayed getting into the station. Bad Teeth Bradley was getting hungry. He turned and reached for the bag of candy but it was GONE. He saw his father eating them.

“I am hungry,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.

Father bought him a sandwich from a vending machine. As Bad Teeth Bradley was eating his sandwich, he saw Dr. Stevens walk by.

“Very good choice,” said Dr. Stevens, when he saw what Bad Teeth Bradley was eating.

“Thank you,” said Bad Teeth Bradley, thankful that he didn’t eat the candy.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to choose good foods to eat.
  • Example: Bad Teeth Bradley did not eat the bag of candy because he did not want a lecture from his dentist.

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