Ernie the Electrician – Character Insight

I created Ernie the Electrician because electricians do have very important jobs in Canada. Ernie the Electrician is part of my series of characters in the Canadian Trades/Professions stories I wrote.

Ernie the Electrician is a very important helper in Storyland. He’s super smart and careful, making sure all the lights and gadgets in our homes work just right.

Ernie has a license that proves he’s an electrician. He always follows the rules to keep everyone safe, because being an electrician is a big job with no room for oopsies!

Sometimes, Ernie’s job can be a bit stressful, and he might get a little grumpy. But guess what? If he ever gets too snappy, he always says, “I’m sorry!” That’s because Ernie is not only good at fixing wires but also at being a kind friend.

At home, Ernie’s heart is full of love for Marie, his wife, and Sparky, their playful dog. They don’t have kids, but Sparky is like their little furry child who brings them lots of joy.


Fact Card for Ernie the Electrician:

  • Date Created: October 29, 2019
  • City of Residence: Oshawa, Ontario
  • Occupation: Electrician
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Character Traits: Honest and Hard-working
  • Favourite Quote: “I will not cut corners!”

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