Ernie the Electrician

Fawn and Spot were in the barn on a rather cool autumn day. The weather had been cold and damp. Mr. Hansen, their owner, had brought an electric heater into the barn to help keep them warm.

“I can’t have my two cows freeze,” said Mr. Hansen.

“Thank you, Mr. Hansen,” said Fawn. “It is getting toasty warm in here now!”

“It is warmer,” said Spot. “However, I am still cold.”

“I could turn the heater up for you,” said Mr. Hansen.

Mr. Hansen turned the heater up two notches.

“Why are the lights flickering?” asked Spot.

The light ended up going out.

“Oh dear,” said Mr. Hansen. “It  looks like that heater is drawing too much power. I need to call an electrician. I hear there is a new electrician in town. I am going to call him because the last electrician I had in here did a wonderful job wiring this barn but, he forgot to attach that one wire to the new breaker box. I had to call him back to do it.”

Mr. Hansen unplugged the heater and called the new electrician, Ernie the Electrician. Ernie came out right away to asses the situation.

“Your heater is actually fine,” said Ernie, checking it out. “I believe this was just a coincidence and that the lightbulb was going to blow whether the heater was plugged in or not.”

“That is good to hear,” said Mr. Hansen, relieved that the problem was nothing major.

Ernie took a ladder and he changed the light bulb.

“I put in a high-efficiency light bulb for you,” explained Ernie.

“Thank you,” said Mr. Hansen.

Ernie took a good look at the wiring in the barn. He found everything was all brand new. He also saw a new breaker box had been installed recently.

“I am very happy with what I see here,” said Ernie.

“I just had everything replaced in the barn about six months ago,” said Mr. Hansen.

“That is wonderful,” said Ernie.” Well, I guess my job is done here.”

“Not quite,” said Mr. Hansen. “You were very honest with me today so, I would like to know if you would be interested in wiring my new garage I just built.”

“I would love to,” said Ernie.

“Perfect,” said Mr. Hansen.

Ernie did the wiring for Mr. Hansen’s new garage. He gave Mr. Hansen a good rate and in doing so, Mr. Hansen had him come back several times to do more wiring for him.


Moral of this Story:

  • Electricians have a very important job.
  • Example: Ernie the Electrician was honest to Mr. Hansen about an issue with just a burnt out light bulb so, Mr. Hansen hired Ernie to do further work with him.

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