Spooky Halloween

It was Halloween. Spooky the Ghost was all alone in the big haunted house he lived in. He was scared.

“I do wish the other ghosts that lived here would hurry and come back,” said Spooky, “Although, I know it is Halloween night and they won’ t be back for hours.”

Spooky lived with ten other ghosts. The big house they lived in was normally a bustle of activity but, on Halloween night, all the other ghosts, except for Spooky, went out to have some fun. That left the house eerily quiet. It was so quiet, Spooky could hear a pin drop or a mouse squeak.

“Eek!” cried Spooky, jumping ten feet in the air. “What was that noise?”

“It was just me,” said a mouse, poking his head out from a hole in the wall. “I squeaked. What is wrong with you? Why are you so scared? You are a ghost, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” said Spooky. “I am a ghost.”

“Do you not know that ghosts are supposed to be out on Halloween night, terrorizing and scaring people?” the mouse asked. “All the other ghosts are out having fun. Why aren’t you?”

“I don’t know how to be scary,” said Spooky.

“It really won’t take much,” said the mouse. “You are already a ghost. All you have to do is walk up behind someone and tap them on the shoulder.”

“I guess,” said Spooky.

“Someone is coming up the walkway,” said the mouse. “Try it on them.”

Spooky went out the back door of the house and went around to the back of the person. He tapped the person on the shoulder.

“Oh my!” shouted Spooky, laughing, as he watched the person run away, screaming. “It worked. I actually scared someone!”

Spooky had so much fun that he spent the rest of that Halloween night, scaring people, just like he should be doing.

“Thank you,” Spooky said to the mouse later that evening.

“It was good to see a ghost doing what a ghost should be doing,” said the mouse. “Happy Halloween!”

“Happy Halloween to you as well,” said Spooky.


Moral of this Story:

  • Ghosts should be out having fun on Halloween night.
  • Example: Spooky was a ghost but he was afraid of Halloween. A mouse told him about how he should be like other ghosts and should be out scaring people.

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