A Sore Halloween Tooth

Bad Teeth Bradley was trick-or-treating on Halloween night. He was having so much fun. He was able to get tons of candy.

“If my dentist, Dr. Stevens, could see me now,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. “I would be in so much trouble.”

Bad Teeth Bradley would normally be afraid to trick-or-treat because Dr. Stevens always finds out. However, this particular Halloween, Bad Teeth Bradley knew his dentist was out of town.

“It is nice that I can finally trick-or treat and not have to worry about getting caught by Dr. Stevens,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.

Bad Teeth Bradley took his bag of candy out to a shed behind his house and he ate every bit of it.

“That candy was so good,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. “I think I am going to go get more.”

The night was still young and there were still lots of trick-or-treaters out.

“‘I am having the time of my life,” said Bad Teeth Bradley, getting tons more candy.

Bad Teeth Bradley ended up on the street where Dr. Stevens lives. He didn’t care though, because he knew Dr. Stevens wasn’t home.

He got up to the house beside Dr. Steven’s house and he saw Dr. Stevens come out of his front door and shell out candy to some children.

“Oh dear!” cried Bad Teeth Bradley. ” ‘I was sure Dr. Stevens was out of town. Now, what will I do?”

Bad Teeth Bradley hid behind a huge tree, waiting for Dr. Stevens to go back inside the house. While he waited, he took a candy bar out of his bag and was eating it. All of a sudden, Bad Teeth Bradley let out a scream. He had a sore tooth.

“What was that noise?” Dr. Stevens asked, stepping off his front porch. “That sounded like someone screaming.”

Dr. Stevens found the culprit, with the candy bar still in his hand.

“Bad Teeth Bradley,” said Dr. Stevens. “Why am I not surprised? Come on, I will fix you up.”

Bad Teeth Bradley was in excruciating pain. Dr. Stevens had to pull out his bad tooth.

“You are such a fool,” said Dr Stevens. “As soon as you thought I was out of town, you decided you would eat candy.  Good thing for you I didn’t go out of town yet, or you would have had to suffer with that tooth all night.”

All Bad Teeth Bradley could do was sit in the dentist chair and listen to Dr. Stevens. He couldn’t say a word because his mouth was too sore. However, he knew he had done wrong and he also knew it was his own fault that he was in such pain.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t eat too much candy on Halloween.
  • Example: Bad Teeth Bradley thought his dentist was out of town so he ate a ton of candy for Halloween. He ended up getting a sore tooth.

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