Mrs. Tulip and Spring Rains

“It is so nice to see that spring is finally here in the garden,” thought Mrs. Tulip to herself as she walked through the garden. “I didn’t think spring would ever come.”
It had been a very cold and harsh winter. There was a lot of snow. It seemed it would snow about a foot and then it would melt and a few days later it would snow again.
Mrs. Tulip was enjoying her walk in the garden. The sun was warm on her back. She saw many brightly coloured flowers and she also saw lots of animals scurrying back and forth.
“Isn’t it nice to see spring is finally here,” said Mrs. Robin, a friend of Mrs. Tulip’s.
“Oh it certainly is,” said Mrs. Tulip.
Mrs. Tulip watched as Mrs. Robin landed on the ground beside her. That is when she noticed that the ground was very dry.
“Oh my!” exclaimed Mrs. Tulip. “We need rain. I wonder where the spring rains are!”
“Look behind you,” said Mrs. Robin.
Mrs. Tulip turned around. She saw a huge rain cloud in the sky and it was headed straight for the garden.
“It looks like the garden won’t be dry for long,” said Mrs. Tulip, smiling. “It looks like both spring and spring rains are finally here.”
“Yes,” smiled Mrs. Robin. “It certainly does.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Spring rains are important in the spring.
  • Example: The garden was very dry and Mrs. Tulip was happy to see the spring rains.
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