Mrs. Tulip Waiting for Spring

“Is it spring yet?” Mrs. Tulip asked herself. Mrs. Tulip was buried in the ground waiting for the weather to warm up so that she could come alive. Mrs. Tulip wasn’t a regular tulip. She was a tulip in the sense that she grows from a bulb in the ground but she also can walk […] Read More

Mrs. Tulip and Spring Rains

“It is so nice to see that spring is finally here in the garden,” thought Mrs. Tulip to herself as she walked through the garden. “I didn’t think spring would ever come.”   It had been a very cold and harsh winter. There was a lot of snow. It seemed it would snow about a […] Read More

Mrs. Tulip Loves Spring

Mrs. Tulip was walking around the garden. She was enjoying the spring weather. It had been a very long and nasty winter. Mrs. Tulip saw her friend, Mr. Squirrel. He was very busy scurrying around from tree to tree. Mrs. Tulip saw him picking up old acorns and other seeds that he came across. “Mr. […] Read More

Mrs. Tulip and Spring Snow

“The sky is blue and the grass is green,” said Mrs. Tulip, walking through the garden on a warm spring day. “I am so happy that spring is finally here.” Mrs. Tulip continued walking. Mrs. Robin flew past her. She was carrying worms in her mouth for her babies. She did manage to shake her […] Read More

Mrs. Tulip and a Happy Spring

“I am so happy,” said Mrs. Tulip, waking up in the garden dirt from her long winter nap and stretching her leaves. “Spring is finally here. I can walk around the garden and stretch.” Mrs. Tulip was very happy about spring being there because it was a long winter. “I am going to go for […] Read More

Happy Mrs. Tulip

“It is a beautiful spring day,” said Mrs. Tulip to herself as she took her morning stroll through the garden. “The sun is shining and it is very warm. I am so happy.” “Good morning,” said Mrs. Robin when she saw Mrs. Tulip walking by her. “Oh Mrs. Robin,” said Mrs. Tulip. “Good morning to […] Read More

Early Bird Catches the Worm

It was a warm spring afternoon. Mrs. Robin was in the garden. She was looking for some big juicy dew worms to feed her children but she wasn’t having any luck. Her children were hungry and Mrs. Robin was running out of patience. She was starting to get angry. “I can’t believe this,” said Mrs. […] Read More

Mr. Squirrel and the Spring Rains

“I thought it was spring,” said Mr. Squirrel as he walked through the garden. “It is spring,” said Mrs. Tulip, smiling. “It sure doesn’t look like it,” said Mr. Squirrel, looking very depressed. “What do you mean it doesn’t look like it?” asked Mrs. Tulip, surprised. “Everything is brown,” said Mr. Squirrel. “The leaves on […] Read More

Early Flowers

“I am so happy to see the sun shining,” said Mrs. Tulip, waking up from her long winter nap. “Good morning,” said Mr. Squirrel. “I see you are awake.” “Yes,” said Mrs. Tulip. “I am awake and it feels so good.” “Aren’t you a little early?” asked Mr. Squirrel. “Tulips are early flowers,” said Mrs. […] Read More

Mrs. Tulip

“It is a beautiful spring day,” said Mrs. Tulip, waking up from her long winter nap. “I want to go for a walk.” Mrs. Tulip put on her walking shoes and stepped outside of the garden. She was so happy because she could see the green grass growing, the bluest sky ever and the bright […] Read More

Meet Mrs. Tulip

Welcome to the Meet Mrs. Tulip page. Mrs. Tulip lives in a flower garden just outside of the city. She is a real live tulip that comes alive each spring season. Mrs. Tulip is just like the spring season. She is always happy and refreshing. No matter what the situation is, she always seems to […] Read More