Early Flowers

“I am so happy to see the sun shining,” said Mrs. Tulip, waking up from her long winter nap.

“Good morning,” said Mr. Squirrel. “I see you are awake.”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Tulip. “I am awake and it feels so good.”

“Aren’t you a little early?” asked Mr. Squirrel.

“Tulips are early flowers,” said Mrs. Tulip.

“Yes,” agreed Mr. Squirrel. “That is true but we still have a few weeks of winter left. It might be warm right now but there is still some cold weather to come.”

“That is okay,” said Mrs. Tulip. “I can survive a bit of cold.”

“Bundle up,” said Mr. Squirrel. “It might get pretty nasty.”

“Thank you for the advice,” said Mrs. Tulip. “I will use that old burlap sack over there.”

“That should protect you,” said Mr. Squirrel.

Mrs. Tulip gathered up the burlap sack. She went for a walk. The warm sun felt so good on her back. She wanted to enjoy the sun while she could.

The next morning Mrs. Tulip woke up shivering. She wrapped the burlap sack around herself. She felt a little warmer.

“What a difference in the weather,” said Mr. Squirrel. “I am not very happy about it.”

“It is much colder,” said Mrs. Tulip. “However, there is no reason to be unhappy about it. We can’t change it.”

“I love your attitude,” said Mr. Squirrel. “And, like always you are right. There is no way we can change it.”

“It will be warm soon enough,” said Mrs. Tulip. “We just have to think of warm happy thoughts.”

“Yes,” said Mr. Squirrel. “Warm, happy thoughts.”

“Think of a homemade cinnamon bun,” said Mrs. Tulip.

“Fresh out of the oven,” said Mr. Squirrel. “Now the thought of that did help me feel nice and warm. It also made me feel happy.”

“Good,” said Mrs. Tulip. “That is what I like to hear.”


Moral of this Story:

  • There is no sense being upset about the weather. We cannot change it.
  • Example: Mrs. Tulip was unhappy because of the cold weather. Mr. Squirrel told her there is no sense in being unhappy because we cannot change the weather.

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