Mrs. Tulip and Spring Snow

“The sky is blue and the grass is green,” said Mrs. Tulip, walking through the garden on a warm spring day. “I am so happy that spring is finally here.”

Mrs. Tulip continued walking. Mrs. Robin flew past her. She was carrying worms in her mouth for her babies. She did manage to shake her wing at Mrs. Tulip.

“Mrs. Robin,” said Mrs. Tulip, smiling. “I can see you are busy. It sure is a nice spring day.”

Mrs. Robin nodded her head and flew off in the direction of her nest.

“Hello,” Mrs. Tulip heard from behind her.

“Oh hello Mr. Squirrel”, said Mrs. Tulip turning around to see her friend, Mr. Squirrel, standing there. “It is such a beautiful day.”

“It isn’t going to last very long,” said Mr. Squirrel, pointing up into the direction of the sky.

“No!” exclaimed Mrs. Tulip, seeing some big grey fluffy clouds rolling in. “Those are snow clouds!”

“Yes they are,” said Mr. Squirrel. “They are moving in very quickly.”

Mrs. Tulip walked back to her spot in the garden. She arrived just as the snow started to fall. Mrs. Tulip’s feet were getting cold.

“I can’t let my feet freeze,” said Mrs. Tulip. “I need to cover them up.”

Mrs. Tulip found a burlap sack close by. She took it and strapped it around her feet. Her feet started to warm up.

“That feels better,” said Mrs. Tulip.

Mrs. Tulip waited out the snow storm. Once it was finally over, she was almost completely covered in snow. The next day, the snow had almost all melted. Mrs. Tulip was out walking in the garden once again.

“It looks like our spring snow is all gone,” said Mrs. Tulip to Mr. Squirrel, smiling.

“Yes,” said Mr. Squirrel. “It is.”

“I believe spring is finally here for good,” said, Mrs. Robin, flying by.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Tulip. “I do agree.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It can snow in spring.
  • Example: it snowed in Mrs. Tulip’s garden in spring.
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