Mrs. Robin and Spring Sunshine

It was finally spring. Mrs. Robin was very happy about that. She was, however, unhappy because all it did was rain.

“I wish the sun would come out,” said Mrs. Robin to herself.

Mrs. Robin normally liked the rain because when it rains, it makes it easier for her to find worms to feed her three babies. However, it had been raining every day for the last three weeks. Mrs. Robin was soaking wet and so were her babies. Their nest was pretty wet too.

“I hope the sun comes out soon,” said Mrs. Robin. “We are soaking wet and I don’t want my babies to get sick.”

Mrs. Robin looked around at the huge balsam poplar tree that they lived in. She saw a few leaves above her that were still dry on the bottom of them. She flew up to where they were and carefully cut them off the tree with her beak. She laid them on top of the nest.

Mrs. Robin crawled into the nest with her babies. The leaves did make a bit of difference. At least they shielded the babies and herself from getting any wetter than they already were.

Mrs. Robin snuggled with her babies. They got through the night without getting any wetter. The next morning, Mrs. Robin and her babies were thrilled the rain had finally stopped and the sun was shining.

Ma. Robin lifted off the balsam poplar leaves she had placed over the nest the night before and it wasn’t long before her and the babies were nice and dry.

“I am so grateful for the sun,” said Mrs. Robin. “I am also grateful that my babies and I never got sick.”

Mrs. Robin and her babies were able to enjoy the rest of that spring season together.


Moral of this Story:

  • Have patience and spring sunshine will come.
  • Example: After three weeks of rain, it was hard for Mrs. Robin to believe that spring sunshine would ever come.
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