Arrow’s Autumn Adventure

“Arrow,” said Mommy. “What are you doing?”

Arrow sat on the end of Mommy’s bed with his leash and harness in his mouth. Mommy took a look at him and laughed.

“Arrow,” said Mommy. “If you think I am taking you outside at six am in the morning, you are silly.”

Arrow just sat and shook his furry little head. He didn’t care what time it was. He wanted to go outside and play. Arrow is a one and a half year old cat who does not go outside by himself. Where him and Mommy used to live, there were coyotes in the mountains across the street. Mommy did not want to take the chance that Arrow would get eaten by a coyote so she trained him on a leash and harness when he was only a couple of months old.

Mommy got up out of bed and since it was the weekend she didn’t have to go anywhere. Arrow jumped off the bed and went out into the living room and sat on his perch, looking out the window. Mommy took a look out the window too and saw a massive pile of leaves on the front yard.

“I wonder if that is why Arrow wants to go outside,” said Mommy to herself.

Mommy remembered that two days ago she had taken Arrow outside and the leaves were just beginning to fall to the ground. Arrow had a ton of fun playing in them.

Mommy decided that she would get dressed and take Arrow outside. Arrow was so excited when he heard the jingle of his harness that he had left on the bed. He ran as fast as he could into the bedroom and jumped up onto Mommy’s bed.

“What a good boy you are,” said Mommy, as she finished snapping Arrow’s harness to him.

Arrow loved it outside. He jumped head first into the pile of leaves and the leaves went flying everywhere. Arrow just sat in the pile of leaves loving the fresh air and the feel of the cold leaves on his fur.

About an hour later, Arrow was pretty tired after all his playtime that he fell asleep in the pile of leaves. A leaf fell from the tree above him right onto his head and tickled his nose as it fell to the ground. Arrow jumped out quickly and ran towards the front door. He had enough playtime for now.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is safer to have your cat on a harness if they go outside.
  • Example: Arrow loved to play outside but because there were coyotes in the mountains beside him, he always had his harness on.

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