The Wrecking Yard Secret

Homie, the wrecking yard cat, is known around the wrecking yard as being the toughest cat around. Homie, as a matter of fact is so tough that even all the animals in the wrecking yard stay away from him.

“Oh no !”exclaimed a mouse, seeing Homie in the distance. “I have to run and hide. Here comes Homie.”

“Homie is coming? “asked one of the chukars, a bird that resembles a partridge.

“Yes, “said the mouse. “I just saw him.”

Both the mouse and the chukar ran as fast as they could. The mouse ran into a hole she had and the chukar ran to the fence, jumped up onto it and then flew over to the roof of the office.

Homie walked into the yard, saw that both the mouse and the chukar had run and hid.

“Hmmm, ” said Homie, to himself. “Looks like I’ve scared them away.”

A coyote was walking around the foot of the mountain, right across the road from where Homie was. Homie caught a glimpse of the coyote out of the corner of his eye. The coyote also saw Homie.

“Oh no!” exclaimed the coyote. “I’d better run. Here comes Homie.”

The coyote ran into his den. He did not ever want to come face to face with Homie. He had heard stories about just how tough Homie was.

“Looks like I’ve scared the coyote away,” said Homie, quite proud of himself.

About a half hour later, Homie saw Mommy coming from work. Homie waited while she unlocked the door and he waited until Mommy opened up the front door so that he could come inside. Homie crawled right up on Mommy’s lap and snuggled right up to her and purred as hard as he could.

“Gee Homie, “said Mommy petting him on the head. “I wonder what all the animals outside would think if they saw you now.”

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