Ice and his Blanket

Sometimes on a cold, winter day Mommy will curl up on her chair with her favorite fleece blanket. Mommy loved her blanket so much that she even got a blanket for her dog, Ice.

Now, the blanket that Ice has is certainly not his favorite blanket by any means. Ice will lay down on his blanket when Mommy or Daddy tell him to and Mommy and Daddy both smile at each other when he does as he is told and lays down on his blanket but, they both know Ice would rather not be on his blanket.

You might think that Mommy and Daddy are being mean by making him lie down on his blanket when he doesn’t want to, but see, the blanket serves as a whole other purpose. The blanket helps Mommy and Daddy keep their floors clean because a lot of the times, Ice comes into the house with muddy, wet paws.

Ice just has to stay on his blanket long enough for his paws to dry off and then he is allowed to roam freely around the house. Ice, however, does not want to be on his blanket. He tries so hard, at every opportunity that he gets, to get off his blanket. As soon as Mommy goes into the kitchen or Daddy goes outside, he wiggles himself off the blanket. Mommy and Daddy will tell him to get back on it and most times, he will lay down on the floor with maybe half his body on the blanket and the other half on the floor or with just one paw on the blanket.

Ice is definitely not a stupid dog. He knows there is a reason for the blanket. Ice is just not so sure what that reason is. The only time Ice doesn’t mind being on his blanket is when he ends up falling asleep on it or when Mommy and Daddy give him his favorite treat, dog biscuits, on his blanket.


Moral of this Story:

  • There are dogs that just don’t like blankets.
  • Example: Ice doesn’t like being on his blanket but he always does as he is told.

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