Ice Loves Winter

January was a cold, snowy month. Ice seemed to be spending a lot of time indoors and this was not his choice. His owners feared that he would freeze and they did not want anything bad to happen to him because they loved Ice very, very much.

Ice was a dog that loved being outdoors. He had lots of fur on him and he hardly felt the cold. That is why every single chance he got he would run through the door to be outside.

“Ice,” said Mommy, one day as he bolted out the door.

Ice came inside right away. He immediately laid down on his blanket. Ice thought he was in trouble. He didn’t notice right away because he was too busy sulking but Mommy had his leash in her hand and she had her water coat and boots on.

Ice was so excited. He could hardly stand it. He knew the leash only meant one thing. He knew Mommy was taking him for a walk.

Ice walked slowly with Mommy because he didn’t want Mommy to trip on the ice. He knew Mommy could not walk as good on the ice and he knew Mommy was in his care now so he had to be careful.

Even though he had to walk slower, he had a ton of fun with Mommy. Mommy would stop every few minutes and this would give Ice a chance to stick his nose in the snow. Ice loved the snow. He loved the cold feeling on his nose. Once Mommy stopped long enough so that Ice was able to roll around in it and he absolutely loved it.

Once they got back home, Mommy didn’t even have to tell Ice to get on his blanket. Ice went to his blanket right away fell fast asleep.


Moral of this Story:

  • A good dog will always take care of its owner.
  • Example: Ice took extra care walking on the ice because he didn’t want Mommy to fall.

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