Once upon a time, there lived the cutest little kitten ever. She was grey, white and black in colour with specks of orange. Kitty had one problem and one problem only. Kitty has room in her heart for only one person and that one person is me.

When Kitty was a baby, she had her afternoon naps with me. I’m pretty sure that is the reason why she has become so attached to me. I swear, that if I ever had to go away for a long period of time, Kitty would be so upset.

When we first got Kitty we were living in an apartment. She was our only pet. She loved the idea that she was the only pet, too. She would bounce all over the apartment, doing whatever she liked. She also didn’t have to worry about sharing any of her food. It was hers and hers only.

Kitty developed one very bad habit while living in the apartment. She stole money. She took a ten dollar bill off the coffee table in the living room. While we looked frantically for it, Kitty sat beside the couch looking over from us to the couch. We moved the couch over and we found the ten dollar bill. One other time, I saw her take a five dollar bill off the coffee table. I told her not to touch it and she walked away. There have been other times when she would knock change off the table. We have learned not to leave money laying around.

We moved into a trailer about six months after we got Kitty. I figured Kitty would take the move badly but not as bad as she did. Kitty would not eat once we moved. She was skittish and she was starting to lose weight. I was getting very worried about her and so what I did was I started feeding her by hand. Soon, Kitty was eating on her own and starting to gain weight.

Kitty was starting to get back to normal when Homie, the cat that lives on the property where we now live, started to come around. Kitty’s nose was all out of joint. She did not want anything to do with Homie. She started not eating again but I knew that feeding her by hand worked last time and I was glad it worked this time.

About a month after we moved, we got our dog, Ice. Ice is a big dog but just because he is big doesn’t mean that he isn’t gentle. Kitty, however, could not see Ice’s gentle side. I guess all she could see is Ice’s big sharp teeth. She wanted nothing to do with Ice and again, she stopped eating. However, once again, I fed her by hand.

I noticed that when Kitty started eating on her own this time, she was fearful of eating out of her bowl of food that was in the kitchen on the floor. I start putting Kitty’s food up on a counter in the bathroom and that seemed to fix Kitty’s issue.

Kitty is a pretty happy cat these days. She tolerates Ice and is now starting to swat at his tail and place her paws on his head when she stands on my desk. Kitty and Homie will probably never get along. Kitty hisses at him each time she sees him but at least she is dealing with him the best way she knows.

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