Camping Mistakes

I went camping one hot August weekend. I had my tent all setup and was just getting ready to go down to the beach when I heard a buzzing sound just above my head. Inside my tent was a fly buzzing around. I decided to just leave him and deal with him later on. Well, that was probably the biggest mistake of my life because that night when I went to go to sleep, guess who joined me. That is right, it was the fly and guess where he decided he was going to sleep, right on the end of my nose.

I woke up early the next morning and made myself a coffee. I accidentally spilled sugar on the picnic table and decided I would clean it up later. Well, that was another mistake I made because no sooner was I finished the last drop of coffee, I noticed ants in a straight line on the top of the picnic table, each carrying a grain of sugar with them.

Later that morning, I made some pancakes for breakfast. I had brought a bottle of maple syrup with me and when I was finished eating I had forgotten to put the lid back on the bottle. Well, that was another mistake I made because as I was cleaning up around the picnic table a little later, I noticed a swarm of bees around the bottle of maple syrup.

That afternoon it started to pour rain. I still had food set out on my picnic table and thought to myself oh, I can put that away later. Well, that was another mistake I made because no sooner had I gone into my tent and zipped up the zipper, I heard the roar of one very nasty bear. It looked to me like I was going to have to hike into town after the rain stopped to stock up on supplies that the bear had just eaten on me.

Later that evening, I was building a bonfire and I needed some extra light so I brought out a big battery operated portable light that I had brought with me. I put the light right beside where I was working, chopping wood. Well, that was another mistake I made because when I turned around to see why the light kept going dim, I noticed hundreds of mosquitoes flying around it and seeing as I was about two feet from the light it didn’t take long before they started biting at me.

While I was sleeping that night, I felt something crawling on me. Instead of trying to figure out what it was, I just fell back to sleep. Well, that was another mistake I made because when I woke up the next morning, I had a few welts across my stomach. I think a spider had crawled up inside of my pajamas and bit me more than once.

The next morning I got up nice and early and I wanted to go for a swim. It was very warm and the sun was beating down already. I had left my sun-tan lotion in the tent and didn’t feel like going back to get it. Well, that was another mistake I made because when I finally decided I was finished swimming, I took a look at my arms, legs and chest and saw that they were beat red. I was sun burnt from head to toe.

Even with all these things that happened while camping, I still had a wonderful time. It was nice to get away and be outdoors. I learned a lot as to what not to do next time I go. The one thing that I will keep in my mind forever, is that I should never walk in the woods without shoes on because I must have stepped on poison ivy at some point because my poor sun burnt legs were very, very itchy.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t put things off.
  • Example: I could have prevented a lot of my camping mistakes if I had have taken the time to deal with issues.

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