The First Easter Egg Hunt

Caveman Jack was outside of his cave one warm Easter morning. He was collecting some fresh raspberries for his mother. She was going to make some pancakes with a raspberry sauce.

“It sure is a beautiful Easter morning,” thought Caveman Jack to himself.

The sun was shining brightly, right into Caveman Jack’s eyes. He didn’t see the Easter Bunny coming straight toward him.

“Hello,” said the Easter Bunny. “Happy Easter!”

“Happy Easter to you as well,” said Caveman Jack, when he finally saw the Easter Bunny. “It sure is a nice day.”

“Indeed it is,” said the Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny put his paw into the Easter basket he was carrying, only to take it out empty-handed.

“Oh dear,” said the Easter Bunny, frustrated.

The Easter Bunny set his Easter basket onto the ground and searched his pockets.

“What is wrong?” asked Caveman Jack. “What are you looking for?”

“I was going to give you an Easter egg,” said the Easter Bunny. “However, it appears that my Easter basket is empty.”

“Perhaps it is empty because of the hole it has,” said Caveman Jack, seeing a big hole on the bottom of the basket.

“I suppose you are right,” said the Easter Bunny, looking at the hole on the bottom of the basket.

“I will help you find them,” said Caveman Jack.

“That would be wonderful,” said the Easter Bunny. “As your reward, you can keep all the ones that you find.”

Caveman Jack started walking down the trail the Easter Bunny was on. He soon came across an Easter egg. Then he found another and another.

“That was so much fun,” said Caveman Jack, showing the Ester Bunny the handful of Easter eggs he had found.

“I am glad you thought so,” said the Easter Bunny. “I think from now on, I should hide all the Easter eggs and then all the children can have fun finding them. We will have an Easter egg hunt every Easter.”

Caveman Jack was thrilled about the idea of an Easter egg hunt. He thought it would be more fun than the Easter Bunny just handing out Easter eggs.

“Thank you for being a part of the first Easter egg hunt,” said the Easter Bunny. “And thank you for being my friend.”

“You are welcome,” said Caveman Jack. “It was a very successful one at that and thank you for being my friend.”

“Yes,” said Easter Bunny. “It sure was.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be helpful to your friends.
  • Example: Caveman Jack offered to help the Easter Bunny find the Easter eggs that fell out of the basket.
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