Arlene the Artist – Character Insight

I created Arlene the Artist as part of my Canadian Trades/Professions Character Challenge. Artists are a very important part of Canada.

There is a lot of work for both the traditional and digital artists. There are some artists that never make it big but, with the right skillset and determination, there are a lot of artists that do make a decent living.

Art is everywhere in Canada and it does have a lot of inspiration for artists. We are lucky that we do have a lot of beautiful spots here in Canada. Art is important in Canada because it helps to put some colour into our world.

The reason I chose to create Arlene the Artist is because I am an artist and I wanted to point out the fact that art in Canada is thriving.

Character Pit

Arlene the Artist
Colour Kid
Colour Kid

Pit Questions

1. Which character has a jealous tendency?
– Neither Arlene the Artist or Colour Kid would have a jealous tendency. They both love what they do and can’t imagine doing anything else in life.

2. Which character have I written about the most?
= I have written about Colour Kid the most because he is an older character on Storyland.

3. Which character feels like they are treated fairly?
– Both of these characters would feel like they are being treated fairly. Arlene the Artist feels that she is lucky to be able to produce art and Colour Kid feels that he is lucky that he is able to experience a wide range of colours in his life.

4. Do these two characters like each other?
– I do think Arlene the Artist and Colour Kid would like each other because of their mutual love of colours.

5. Which character is closer to my heart?
– I think Colour Kid is closer to my heart and that is because he is an older character on Storyland.

6. How are these characters similar to one another?
– These two characters are very similar because they both love colours.

7. How are these characters different from one another?
– These two characters are different from one another in that Colour Kid explains about colours and Arlene the Artist actually uses the colours in her art.

8. How do these two characters feel about being Canadian?
– Both Arlene the Artist and Colour Kid love the fact that they are Canadian. They are able to freely express themselves through art and/or colour.

9. How important is family to these two characters?
– Neither of these two characters has family but if they did, they would adore them and do everything for them that they could.

10. Will I be writing future stories about these two characters?
– Absolutely!

To sum up the character pit between Arlene the Artist and Colour Kid, they will both bring a lot of colour into Storyland and will brighten up everyone’s day around them.

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