Welcome to the Slushy Snowman Stories page. Slushy Snowman is a snowman that was built in the midst of a severe snowstorm in Quebec City, Quebec. Slushy Snowman is angry all the time. He believes his anger stems from that storm and that the storm is still raging in him. When Slushy Snowman becomes angry, he finds that he heats up and this causes him to always be standing in a pool of slushy water.

If you like stories about lots of snow and an angry snowman, you will like the tales about Slushy Snowman. Storyland has lots of tales about Slushy Snowman for you to read, like and share.

List of Slushy Snowman Stories

  1. Meet Slushy Snowman - January 20, 2019
  2. Slushy Snowman - February 19, 2019
  3. An Angry Snowman - February 21, 2019
  4. A Slushy Mushy Snowman - February 22, 2019
  5. Slushy Icicles - February 24, 2019
  6. A Curious Snowman - March 2, 2019
  7. Slushy Snowman – Character Insight - March 4, 2019
  8. A Melted Slushy Snowman - March 5, 2019
  9. A Windy Winter Day - January 13, 2020
  10. A Lonely Snowman - February 13, 2020

New Slushy Snowman Stories

There are no new Slushy Snowman stories at the moment.

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