A Melted Slushy Snowman

“Oh dear,” said Stacey, looking out the window. “It looks like Slushy Snowman is melting.”

Stacey knew this day was going to come eventually but she hoped it would be at least a few more days. Stacey went outside to see her friend.

“Stacey,” said Slushy Snowman in an angry voice. “I am melting. You will never see me again.”

“Slushy Snowman,” said Stacey. “We knew this day was going to come. There is no sense being angry. Your anger is just going to make you melt that much quicker. Let’s enjoy our time together while we can.”

“You are right,” said Slushy Snowman, thinking about what Stacey had just said. “I know my anger heats me up. Sometimes I just can’t handle it.”

“You are doing fine,” said Stacey, trying to keep Slushy Snowman as calm as possible. “Let’ s think ahead to next winter. As soon as the first snowfall arrives, you know I am going to rebuild you.”

“Yes,” said Slushy Snowman. “I look forward to that.”

“I do as well,” said Stacey.

Stacey kept talking calmly to Slushy Snowman while he melted more and more. They had a good long talk before there was silence.

“I am sad you are gone,” said Stacey, picking up the red scarf she had given him. “I will miss you but next winter won’t be all that far away. It never is, especially here in Quebec City.”


Moral of this Story:

  • There is no sense getting angry over something we can’t control.
  • Example: Slushy Snowman was angry because he was starting to melt.

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